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Gold Trading System

The system which concern of Gold Trading.


SMART Gold Saving

SMART Gold Saving  is the gradual accumulation of money to buy gold. by gradual buying on a cumulative average Focus mainly on the amount of investment. When the amount is reached, it can be exchanged for gold according to the weight we want in the form of gold bars.
Saving gold is suitable for people with little money who want to collect gold.

Gold Saving Feature :
1. Register Online
2. Trade Mode
    - Monthly saving
    - Daily Trade
3.  Payment /Deposit 
    - QR Code
    - Double Sign on (ibanking)
    - Credit Card
3. Transaction Status
4. Gold Withdraw
5. History Reuest
6. E- Confrim
   - Daily e-confirm
   - Monthy e-confirm
7. Porfolio
8. Personal information self service

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