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Insurance Solutions

Originally, we have IIA core insurance system that represent upstream to downstream of the insurance process covers all major

business functionality and statutory requirements of non-life insurance companies in the good old days. We realizes that

potential of the insurance industry are growing up and currenlty digital transformation is the important part in strong competition,

we therefore evolved a modern core insurance software named "Cloranc Solutions" with a strong focus on cloud computing and powerful software flagship for the insurance industry customer needs.


Cloranc is a Cloud insurance platform to customize your ideal business, build flexible applications for value-chain solutions and powering aim to omni channel strategy in the non-life insurance industry.


Smart Broker/B@cloud, a web application for brokers, is an easier way to sell insurance policies by choosing appropriate insurance packages to fit customers' desires from all insurance partners.


B@Service is inhouse broker solutions service. It organizes your insurance transactions to report them integrated with government agencies or partner companies.

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