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Trading System

The system which concern of Equity & Derivative Trading.


SMART Trade (iFIS)

SMART Trade is a multi-mode order management system for equity market on the Thailand Stock Exchange (SET) , Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HSX),  Ha Noi Stock Exchange (HNX) and Yangoon Stock Exhange (YSX).

The system consists of the following trading modes:
iFIS Trade Platform
iFIS Internet Platform : For high-net worth individuals (VIP) with high speed key
iFIS Internet Platform : For retail investor
Integrate with any 3rd party trading platform
- Via FIX Protocol
- Via Proprietary Protocol (LinkOPS)
- Provide synchronize portfolio module (Oneport)
Provide data API for other systems
Support both online and offline order
Support drop copy order to synchronize all order from other system to iFIS system
Price notification

iFIS Features:
- Trader hierarchy
- Market Information
- Broker Information
- Customer Information
- Order Entry
- Order Validation: Credit control, Risk control for margin account.
- Sell pledge

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