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Settlement System

The system which concern of Settlement of Equity & Derivative Trading.


Stock Borrowing and Lending (SMART SBL)

SMART SBL is the system that allows an investor to use dormant securities in his or her portfolio by lending to another investor to create profits, especially in a volatile market.

SMART SBL provides a matching mechanism to reduce manual activities and paper work. The system can also manage and control collateralized loans of securities transferred among lenders, brokers and borrows according to the broker’s need.

SMART SBL has the following features :
- Trading & Settlement system integration
- Single account type with Equities
- Single Statement
- Fee & Interests Calculation
- Collateral Management
- Support Fund Lender
- Define and monitor stock supply by threshold
- Automate re-matching contract when lender recall
- Basket borrow order support
- Fully comply regulation

Real-time trading system
1. Open Account
Lender : cash, cash balance account
Borrower : cash, cash balance, credit balance account
2. Place Collateral
Deposit cash on SBL Initial marginor credit balance margin
3. Borrow & Short Sell
Real-time borrow and short sell on trading system
4. Buy Cover & Return
But cover to make a profit and return stock to end contact.
5. Fee Calculation
Calculate borrowing and lending free after contact end or month end.

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