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Alternative Investment

The system which concern of Alternative Investment.



Fixed Income Dealing

1. Instruction & Order :    
Through FIX protocol, Investors and Trader can submit fixed income instruction/orders into the system

2.Risk Control :
With real-timepurchasing power calculation engine Individual purchasing power , type of client allowed to buy bond Hard limit and soft limit configurable
Issuer exposure and holding 

3. Payment    
Not only supporting ATS, BAHTNET , cash balance and all   payment types which brokerage typically provide for stock trading investors but also the fund switching between other financial product such stock and mutual fund

4. TSD Settlement    
Securities settlement and all transfer transactions occurred among the client and dealers can be transmitted through the API/bulk file transfer protocol belonging to Thailand Securities Depository standard. Moreover the new registered of primary market and delisting securities can be perform under both segregated and omnibus account 

5. ThaiBMA     
All ThaiBMA listed bond information with credit rating and mark-to-market yield and price information available for product selection and portfolio measurement

Reporting executed trade transactions file for uploading to ThaiBMA 

Price calculated from yield to maturity regarding to the Thai Bond market association price calculation convention

6. Collateralization

7. Regulation    
All regulation report provided and updated

8. Accounting

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