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The changing role of technology; It's no longer about IT. It's about the business. It's about the enterprise. IT is a very powerful enabler and partner for the insurance industry, but the drivers should be the business.

Time to leverage the IT;Traditionally we have spent too much time identifying the next 10 or 15 percent cost reduction, when the real opportunity is to better leverage investments and resources largely already in our IT organizations. The next big opportunity for IT is thus to exploit new technology to both leverage investments already made in the last 10 years but also to go beyond traditional transaction processing and number crunching.


Freewill Solutions helps driving business value; Foundational IT services -- cost effective, accessible, reliable, predictable service levels -- are required to even be in the game. The real opportunity for insurance executives will be to use Freewill Solutions’ applications to help drive business value -- access to customers, new channels to market, knowledge sharing, relationship management, cycle-time reduction, business intelligence, customer, employee and manager self service, to name but a few. Driving business value will generate great returns.


Freewill Solutions Application portfolio composes of two main groups of application; the core application, which serves all main processes in insurance company operations, and the satellite application, which is the add-on application aims to enhance process efficiency.  


To learn more about this application, please contact: [email protected]

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