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Trading System

The system which concern of Equity & Derivative Trading.


SMART Trade (iFISd)

SMARTd Trade is a multi-mode order management system for derivatives market on the Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX) and Ha Noi Stock Exchange (HNX). 

The system consists of the following trading modes:
iFISd : Trader Platform which integrates real time with SMART SBAd
iFISd  Internet Platform :  For high-net worth individuals (VIP) with high speed key
iFISd Internet Platform : For retail investor
Integrate with any 3rd party trading platform
- Via FIX Protocol
- Via Proprietary Protocol (LinkOPS)
- Provide synchronize portfolio module (Oneport)
Provide data API for other systems
Special features : 
- Auto Net Position
- Position Limit Simulation
- Account Simulation
- Company Simulation
- Price Notification
Support outside order to synchronize add orders from other system to iFISd system

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