SMART Solutions Suite for Equities Market

Freewill Securities Management Application Real time Technology (SMART)
suite composes of portfolio of applications that help Brokerage and Securities Company efficiently administers its processes from new account opening, transaction processing, through back office operating. SMART solutions ensure that these processes match all required Equities market regulations.

 Applications come into two modules; customer management suite and the trading management suite.
Insight Customer Management applications assists Brokerage and Securities Company to manage numerous required documents, which otherwise will be handled manually, when open new account for its clients. Insight Customer Management solutions optimize new account opening process by eliminating duplicate workflows, which lessen time consumed. These applications are as following:  
  • SMART CUSTOMER supports new customer adoptions starting from opening a new account and going through all processes until the customer is ready to trade.
  • SMART KYCD/CCD performs a comprehensive customer check to classify the risk levels of a broker’s customers and help securities companies comply with AML/CFT regulations.

SMART Trade Integration & Back Office Suite comprises with these followings: 

  • SMART Gateway-DMA is designed for brokers to receive orders from overseas brokerage systems via FIX protocol to the SET. This system complies with the SET’s DMA rules. 
  • SMART ONE PORT will consolidate customer orders/deal execution, stock portfolio and cash balance information from 3rd party internet software and iFIS into a single portfolio real time.
  • SMART Trade (IFIS) is a multi-mode order management system consisting of iFIS, iFIS Internet and Mobile Trade. The system presents real-time securities information and sends order to Exchange as well as supporttrading on broker and internet trading.With Scalable Architecture, SMART Trade (IFIS) support Head Office, Branch and Remote Terminal.
  • SMART Order Management System (OMS) allows users to manage orders for institutional accounts and investment portfolios in real time.
  • SMART IFIS SMS is a system providing real-time and periodic alert SMS messages to customers about  trading information, i.e. bid price, offer price, SET index, order and confirm trading by themselves to avoid market risk.
  • SMART Crossing Market XM is a real time off-shore trading and settlement system based on the SMART Trade and SMART SBA systems.
  • SMART Chart is a technical analysis tool which assists investors in analyzing securities information using various algorithms and related graphs.
  • SMART ETF is designed to support MM and PD brokers’ functions. The system is integrated with the SMART Trade system for real time operation and SMART SBA system for settlement operations.
  • SMART LINK is the integration link within the SMART Solutions Suite. It allows all applications within our SMART Solutions Suite to work together in a real time   manner   where   all   related   data   and transactions are automatically linked and updated. SMART Link enhances the brokerage process by automating data transactions between iFIS and SBA.
  • SMART SBA or SMART Securities Back Office provides total support for   back   office   operations   from   customer management   through   to   the   settlement processes. The system offers a web-based platform and integrates with our SMART Trade utilizing the SMART Link application. SMART SBA is being used by securities companies to streamline   and   optimize   their   back   officeoperations. SMART SBA supports end-to-end middle office to back office operations covering investor information, trading information, stock management, settlement management, corporate actions and regulatory reports.
To learn more about these applications, please contact: SecuritiesSolutions@freewillsolutions.com